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Niels Otto Moller

Twentieth-century Danish design was established with the ethos that beauty is found by stripping away ornamentation rather than adding it, relying on the craftsmanship, materials, form and skill of their own hand. Niles Otto Moller is known for his dedication to maintaining the grandeur stylings of Twentieth Century Danish Design.

Niels Otto Moller completed his training as a cabinet maker and firther went on to train at The Danish Design School in Arhus. It was after his time here, that he founded Møllers Møbelfabrik. It was within the forst five years of founding this, he created the #71 Chair which would become ne of his most poplualr designs followed by the #78/62 Chairs. These chairs are a perfect example of Mollers attidtude to his chocie of materials and his elequant curves that highloght his craftmanships. Moller has also designed dining chairs, sudebaords and tables but it is the beforem entioned chairs that earnt him the reputation as being consistent with quality and style . He often worked with Teak and Brazilian Rosewood, this which accentuated the elegant curves of his designs.

His founded company JL Møllers Møbelfabrik was awarded the Dansk MøbelIndustri’s Furniture Prize in 1981, with special mention for its “ability to combine the best craft traditions with modern furniture manufacture. His repuatation as a contributing pioneer of Danish Twentieth Century design is kept operative by his sons Jorgen Henrik Møller and Jens Ole Møller, which makes it remain in the family name to this day.
Møller’s designs are some of the most timeless and sought-after pieces today.