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Johannes Andersen

With the rise of Danish furniture becomining internationally recognised, Johannes Anderson was a reputable component in Danish Design. Like many of the before mentioned designers in Danish Modern Design, Anderson also honed his craft by firstly completing his apprenticship in cabinentry. By the mid-1930s, when Danish modern design rose in popularity beyond Denmark, he opened his own workshop. He continued to work with other design houses as well, including CFC Silkeborg in Denmark and Trensum in Sweden.

Looking at his work, it is also easy to see the influences of the culture and environment that surrounded him. The representation of the Scandinavian ethos are coeval, but interpreted in a way that is Andersen’s distinct sugnitoure style. His most notable aspect of his designs were the curves that he used in unexopected ways. This is seen in his designs such as the iconic ‘Smile’ Coffee Table, When most people think “coffee table,” they think of a rectangle or, if they are very imaginative, an oval. Andersen experimented with all kinds of unique shapes, bringing to fruiton his most famous is the Capri table and Smile Coffe Table.

Like many of his tables, the Capri featured curved surfaces and bevelled edges that softened the design, showcasing the more organic approach to shape and form for which Danish designers, in particular, were known. Andersen did not only take these approches to just tables, you can see in Andersens Capri Lounge, the curved back is a hallmark of Scandinavian design and adds not only style, but also incredible comfort. We see this again with his dining chair designs, coming from such a skilled back ground of craftsmanship for which Andersen was known, the chairs are beautifully balanced both physically and visually.